Skee Ball Machines for Sale

Want to own your own arcade style skee ball machine? Look no further than our collection of some of the best new and vintage classic skee ball machines online. These fun games are something that any age will enjoy. From kids to adults skee ball machines have always been an arcade game favorite. Search below and buy your own skeeball machine today.

About Skee Ball

Skee ball also called skee roll and spelled multiple ways (skee ball, skeeball, skee-ball) was one of the first redemption arcade games and is a common site in any arcade even to this day. J. Dickinson Este invented the game of skee-ball in 1909 but the rights to the Skee-Ball name are currently owned by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company who purchased them in 1945. They then setup the company “Skee-Ball, Inc.” to promote the game further in 1977.

Game Play

The game of Skee Ball is simple in concept but a highly fun game to play that does require some skill. It is similar to the act of bowling but instead of a long flat lane it is played on a shorter and inclined lane with fist sized balls. Instead of knocking down pins the goal is for the skeeball player to get the ball into a hole, with each hole representing different amounts of points. Most Skee Ball machines give the player 9 balls to play with per required coin amount. The lane itself has a increased slant or ball hop at the end that helps to launch the ball up and over a series of rings that cover the ball holes. The higher and harder to hit holes usually reap the most points. The object of the game being of course to gain as many possible points by aiming for the highest point holes. At most arcades, once the player has used up all of their balls, they are rewarded with tickets from the machine based upon how many points were earned during the game. Tickets can usually be traded in for prizes ranging from small to large depending upon the amount of tickets the skee ball machine player has won.

Skee-Ball Leagues and Teams

The first skee ball tournament was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1902. Skee-Ball machines have had a resurgence in popularity and skee ball has even become a socially competitive sport that is being played in many bars across North America. New SkeeBall leagues have recently been growing in popularity and new team names are appearing such as The SKEE League, SkeeBoston, and Brewskee-ball, to name a few.